About 513 Crane

513 Crane is a trusted family-owned lifting solutions provider known for its unwavering commitment to safety and precision. With a team of fully licensed and highly skilled operators, we offer well-maintained equipment rigorously tested against strict safety standards, ensuring every project is executed with utmost expertise and care.

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Kevin & Chelsea Viola

Lifting Solutions Tailored to Your Needs

Explore the diverse and specialized lifting services offered by 513 Crane. From precise tree removal to expert truss settings, our comprehensive range ensures that your project is met with unparalleled skill, safety, and dedication.

HVAC Roof Unit Settings

Setting HVAC units on rooftops demands specific skills. 513 Crane's proficient operators guarantee secure, precise placements. We bring the best equipment and expertise for successful installations, ensuring each unit is installed flawlessly.

Tree Removal

Tree removal merges precision and safety. Our experts use advanced machinery for efficient, safe removals, preserving surrounding areas. We prioritize environmental care and precision in every operation, ensuring a clean, safe removal process.

Spa & Hot Tub Settings

Installing spas and hot tubs requires careful handling and accuracy. We ensure seamless setups with experienced operators for precise placements. Expect your hot tub to be installed perfectly, reflecting our dedication to excellence in service and customer satisfaction.

Truss & Beam Settings

Setting trusses and beams demands expertise and precision. 513 Crane specializes in this service, with skilled operators handling complex placements. Our safety commitment means flawless execution of these vital tasks, always focusing on project success and structural integrity.

24/7 Storm Damage

Our 24/7 storm damage response addresses emergencies promptly. 513 Crane swiftly and safely manages crises, clearing debris and hazards. Our team ensures quick, safe property restoration, demonstrating our dedication to immediate, effective emergency response services.

Tank Offloading & Loading

Loading and offloading tanks needs careful handling to avoid damage. 513 Crane precisely positions tanks, safeguarding equipment and the environment. This approach reduces risks and enhances operational efficiency, demonstrating our commitment to safety in every project.

Serving the Greater Cincinnati
Area & Beyond

Based in Cincinnati, 513 Crane takes pride in calling this vibrant city home. Our services extend seamlessly to all surrounding areas throughout the Tri-State region, ensuring we meet the lifting needs of our diverse and valued clientele.

Beyond Machinery: The Heart of 513 Crane

Explore the heart and soul of our team – the driving force that turns concepts into reality. Meet the passionate individuals who bring a personal touch to every lifting solution we provide.

Beyond the Lift: Explore the 513 Crane Blog

From project spotlights to industry innovations, the 513 Crane Blog is your go-to resource for staying updated on all things lifting, with exclusive updates from our owners.

Elevating Excellence: Dive into Our Project Gallery

From challenging tree removals to seamless installations, witness the precision and expertise that define our commitment to excellence in every project we undertake.